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I am a Software Architect on IoT and Azure Cloud Platform, Ex. Microsoft MVP, Ex. C# Corner MVP (2012 To 2020), Author, Blogger, Speaker, C# Corner Mumbai User Group Lead, and Student's Mentor. I am passionate about technology and innovation.

In my current role, I am focusing on developing, architecting solutions, and mentoring developers on the cloud, IoT, Web, Mobile and Microsoft Supported Open Source Technologies. My work involves analyzing business requirements, choosing the best technology as per business requirements and designing effective solution architectures that support cross-platform applications with minimum cost and resources.

I love to take challenges to solve critical issues, Improve the performance of an application with perfect solutions which is unable to be solved by others due to lack of interest to take responsibility. I had successfully revamped many old applications and improved the speed and performance of applications with effective architecture design. I have recently developed many service-oriented enterprise architectures on cloud and IoT that allows the distribution of the same logic on multiple platforms and programming languages from the web to mobility. I am mostly working on Retail, Manufacturing, Industrial IoT, logistics, automobiles, aerospace, e-commerce etc.

I spent most of my time working, learning and blogging. I lead the C# Corner Mumbai user group which conducts free of cost events in Microsoft offices and other places to share the technical sessions on Microsoft technologies. I have also guided and solved the complicated technical issues of developers from all over the world through social media and other platforms.

I am also guiding students for their final year projects at free of cost. I am helping them to develop the project with the help of Microsoft technologies. I donate all the money to social causes which I have earned from blog ads and money given by colleges for speaking as appreciation.

Award Name Duration Authority
Microsoft MVP 2016-2020 Microsoft Corporation
CSharpCorner MVP 2012-2020 CSharpCorner

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hi tnx for QR Sorce
please help me to extract barcode with this way
good luck


how to create Webhook using in pay u gateway


Hi Vithal Wadje,

I recently went through the below URL which you posted on C-Sharpcorner - The link is attached below.
This is a very helpful article for me because I have invested so much time to find a solution for the Gemlin CRUD operation and I found this.
Let me come to the point I need to fetch edges and mapping relations with Azure.CosmosDB Nuget package so is that possible with the same solution, can I write SQL or Gremlin query using this package?

Please reply to me so I can proceed further. I will wait for your valuable suggestion


Hello, sir. I am currently working on a cross-platform framework called .NET Core. Specifically, I am working on a project that relies on the Process.Start method. It works perfectly when I run it through Visual Studio 2022. However, when I host it in IIS (Internet Information Services), the Process.Start method does not open the Chrome browser. I have granted all the necessary permissions, such as read and write access, and I have also tried setting the local system in IIS. After a few days, I noticed in the task manager that the Chrome process starts, but the browser itself does not open automatically. Please assist me as soon as possible


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