Bindings in WCF Service

Binding are nothing but the transport protocol which is used to communicate with the client application,WCF Provides the Wide range of transport protocol which can be used as per the requirement.
A binding has following characteristics:
  1. Transport -Defines the base protocol to be used like HTTP, Named Pipes, TCP, and MSMQ are some type of protocols. 
  2. Encoding (Optional) - Three types of encoding are available-Text, Binary, or Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM). MTOM is an interoperable message format that allows the effective transmission of attachments or large messages (greater than 64000). 
  3. Protocol(Optional) - Defines information to be used in the binding such as Security, transaction or reliable messaging capability.

The following are the some binding which are widely used according to the requirement of the application, which are as 
  1. BasicHttpBinding
  2. WSHttpBinding
  3. WSDualHttpBinding
  4. WSFederationHttpBinding
  5. MsmqIntegrationBinding
  6. NetMsmqBinding
  7. NetNamedPipeBinding
  8. NetPeerTcpBinding
  9. NetTcpBinding
BasicHttpBinding  :-  Basic Web service communication. No security by default
WSHttpBinding :-  Web services with WS-support. Supports transactions
WSDualHttpBinding :-     Web services with duplex contract and transaction support
WSFederationHttpBinding :-    Web services with federated security. Supports transactions
MsmqIntegrationBinding  :-   Communication directly with MSMQ applications. Supports transactions
NetMsmqBinding :-    Communication between WCF applications by using queuing. Supports transactions
NetNamedPipeBinding  :-   Communication between WCF applications on same computer. Supports duplex contracts and transactions
NetPeerTcpBinding :-     Communication between computers across peer-to-peer services. Supports duplex contracts
NetTcpBinding  :-   Communication between WCF applications across computers. Supports duplex  contracts and transactions
 Example :

            <binding name="BasicHttpBinding_IService1" />
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