Installing Dapper ORM Into MVC Project

There are lots of similar libraries in NuGet package manager which makes some confusions to the beginners and some time also experienced people . So to make it cleared I have decided to write this article ,  So let is start from its definition

What is Dapper ?

Dapper is the Open source ORM which is used to map Microsoft platform based  .NET classes to database as wel as it also supports complex and advanced database related operations.

Now Let us start step by step
Step 1:  Create Sample MVC application

Step 2 :  Right click on solution explorer of created project and find Manage NuGate Packages option as

Now click on Manage Nuget Packages option then following windows will appears.

Step 3 : Install Dapper

  1.  As shown into the image ,type in search box "dapper"
  2. Select Dapper as shown into the image .
  3. Choose version of dapper library and click on install button

After installing the Dapper library ,It will be added into the References of MVC application solution explorer as

I hope you have followed the same steps and installed dapper library.

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