Creating WCF REST Service Step by Step

In this video tutorial we will learn how to create WCF REST,tutorial prepared focusing on beginners to make them understand about the WCF REST Service.So we will learn it as step by step
In this video tutorial we will learn
  • Create WCF Project.
  • Adding Service and operation contract.
  • what is WCF REST Service. 
  • Understanding WCF REST Template .
  • What is WebInvoke and WebGet .
  • What URI Template
  • Request and Response message format.
  • Configuring End Points .
 Before start
 You will need  a basic understanding of WCF service, please read my following articles .
 I hope you have refereed it, If you wants to learn even more then please refer WCF Section
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I hope this video tutorial is useful for all readers. If you have any suggestion then please contact me.

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