What is Difference Between DataView and DataTable

In this article we will learn the difference between DataView and DataTable which is asked me by one of the our compilemode.com reader, So lets learn point wise so student and beginners can understand easily.
  • DataTable records can be read or write i.e we can edit ,delete and insert the data into DataTable.
  • We can create empty DataTable and later on insert the records into the DataTable.
  • We can clone the data of DataTable.
  • Its uses the storage space to store the data.
  • We can not be hide row or column of DataTable.
  • DataView is readonly means we can only select records. 
  • It can not be created empty because DataView created from DataTable .
  • DataView data is populated from DataTable by reference so it does not consume any space .
  • DataView is used for sorting ,filtering the records without making changes into the original data. 
  • We Can hide or show row or column of DataView.
I hope this article is useful for all readers. If you have a suggestion then please contact me.

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