Video : CRUD Operation In ASP.NET MVC Using Entity Framework

There is lots fear about the MVC in the mind of beginners as well as existing ASP.NET developer that MVC is very difficult to learn , But believe me its very easy than ASP.NET application .
In this video tutorial we will learn how to make CRUD operation in ASP.NET MVC 5 using Entity framework without writing single line of code manually .This tutorial prepared focusing on beginners to make them fearless about ASP.NET MVC.

In this video tutorial we will learn
  • Create MVC Project
  • Adding ADO.NET Entity Data Model
  • what is Entity Data Model
  • Adding MVC 5 controller with Entity framework .
  • Understanding controller ActionResult Methods
  • Understanding Views
After watching ,You will think
  • MVC is very simple.
  • ASP.NET is very difficult than MVC
  • In ASP.NET we need  to drag and drop controls to use but in MVC there is not need. It will create automatically . 
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I hope this tutorial is useful for all readers. If you have any suggestion then please contact me.

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