Past User Group Speaking : Introduction To ASP.NET Core

Speaking in C# Corner Mumbai Chapter event which is led by me on ASP.NET Core , If you wants to learn about ASP.NET core then join my interactive session on ASP.NET core.


 Date : 15-10-2016

Vithal Wadje speaking on ASP.NET Core

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

  • What is ASP.NET Core ?
  • What is .NET Core ?
  • Difference between .NET framework and .NET core Framework.
  • Difference between ASP.NET and ASP.NET core.
  • Building ASP.NET Core application .
  • Understanding the Folder structure of ASP.NET core.
  • Understanding Routing in ASP.NET core
  • What is wwwroot folder ?
  • What is Project.json ?
  • What is global.json
  • What is appsettings.json ?
  • Hosting ASP.NET core application on linux OS .
  • Q & A.


    IBSAR Institute of Management and Studies 
    Sanjay Nagar, Karjat West
    Karjat Maharashtra INDIA

    Price: Free of cost

    Requirement: Optional to bring your laptop and internet card.

    Date : 15-10-2016
    Time : 10 AM To 4:30 PM

                                  Registration Closed

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