Top 10 Features of Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft launches the Visual Studio 2017 with lots of features some them are even not predicated such as Visual studio can support other languages other than Microsoft origin and also Visual studio can be get installed on other operating system than the Microsoft windows operating system, Now all is possible you can installed visual studio on Linux & Mac OS as well also you can develop the application using multiple open source languages which are not developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft improves visual studio very fast to meet the goal of a universal application development platform using any programming language. Visual studio 2017 comes with the following editions which can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Visual Studio Community
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Community

This is a free edition having fully featured which can be used for students, open-source project contribution, individual developers and non-enterprise organization having not more than five users.
Visual Studio Professional
This is a commercial editions having Professional developer tools, services, and subscription benefits for small teams which can be used by purchasing the licensed copy.
Visual Studio Enterprise
This is a commercial editions having the features to meet end-to-end solution where high demand of quality and scale the team in all sizes. enterprise edition can be used by purchasing license.
Visual Studio Code
This is a Free, open source edition of visual studio which cab be used to develop the application using wide range of open source programming languages. Visual studio code can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux operating system.
Let's learn about top 10 features of visual studio 2017 which can be differ from edition to edition
Install what you wants
Now you can install the specific components whatever you wants which makes visual studio installation much  faster than previous edition
Contentious Integration and Deployment (DevOps)
Now you can configure CI-CD pipeline directly from the visual studio IDE itself
Integration with Cloud
You can integrate all visual studio developed application to Microsoft azure such as you can deploy your application on Microsoft azure directly from the visual studio and lot more
Lightweight Solution Load
Now you can load the projects in visual studio solution explorer very faster using lightweight solution load feature which is useful when your project solution contains multiple projects.
Live Unit Testing
Now you can test your code once you save your changes in visual studio editor instead of running test methods separately, This feature can help to fix the code issue while doing the real time development instead of fixing it later & change your code again.
Enforcing code styles and conventions
Now you can define your coding style and conventions directly from the visual studio and force developer to follow your defined coding standards which will help to achieve uniformity in coding standards across your project team developers.
Architectural Dependency Validation
Now you can validate your project architectural dependencies which will helpful to remove the unwanted  dependencies from your project & improve the performance as well as security.
Improvements to code navigation
Now can navigate easily into the code from visual studio to search classes and methods of  your project also visual studio 2017 makes very easier to find all references of particular variable or methods of your project.
IntelliSense filtering
Now you can filter the intellisense and find the appropriate properties and methods very easily.
The revised Start page
Click to Run Debugging
Now you can debug your specific line of code without setting the debug point with the help of click to run feature.
I hope this article is useful for all readers, In my next article we will learn in details of each feature, If you have any suggestions please contact me.
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