Now Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier Supports 25 GB Storage and 1000 Ru/s

In the MS Build 2021 event, Microsoft announced the limit enhancement of Azure Cosmos DB. Now Azure Cosmos DB will support 25 GB of storage and 1000 request units per second (1000 Ru/s) for every month per subscription, which is increased from previously 5 GB of storage and 400 request units per second (400 Ru/s) per subscription.

You can use this free tier by simply creating the free tier Cosmos DB account or just applying the free tier discount. If you know more how to create the Azure Cosmos DB, then please refer to the following link.

The limit enhancement will help developers to test their small application workloads very effectively in the development environment..

Read more details by using the following link.


Microsoft Azure enhancing their platform in a very short time to enhance the user experience and productivity, I hope you will test your applications effectively with the limit enhancement.

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