Difference between Azure Resource and Resource Group

Azure resource and Azure resource group are two of the most commonly used terms while working with Microsoft Azure. Recently, one of the readers asked me about the difference between these two terms, so I have decided to write a post on these two terms.

What is Resource?

The resource is simply an Azure service like an app service, Azure storage, Azure service bus, and so on. It means whenever you create a new resource, you are actually creating an Azure service.

What is Azure Resource Group?

The Azure resource group is the collection of resources. The resource group is the container in which multiple Azure services reside.

Every Azure service must be located in a resource group. The resource group gives better flexibility to manage the life cycle of all services in one place, which are located in the resource group. You can deploy, update, and delete these services together.

Key Points of Azure Resource Group

  • The resource group can be created using Azure portal, Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell and Azure ARM Template.
  • The every resource group has its own deployment location to store the metadata of the services which are contained in the resource group, no matter in which location your services are deployed.
  • All services located in the resource group have a similar life cycle, you can delete, update and deploy them together.
  • You can move services from one resource group to another resource group.
  • If the service has the same metadata, it won't be allowed in a different resource group. It means you cannot have two resource groups for one service which is identical.
  • The resource group and resources can be in different regions. It means that if your resource group location is the US region, then your service might have any other deployment location such as west Europe etc.
  • The Resource group provides better control to manage the security of a group of services such as user access and resource permission etc. so someone cannot harm the service.
  • Every resource in the resource group can connect to the other resource group services.
  • Each resource group can deploy 800 services at a time.
  • When you delete the resource group, then all the services which are in the resource are deleted.


I hope this article is useful to understand the difference between the Azure resource and the resource group. If you have any doubts, then please ask using the comment box.

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